Effect of World War 1

Topics: World War II, Treaty of Versailles, World War I Pages: 1 (264 words) Published: January 6, 2013
World War I left many people without the complete families that they use to have. Many people were killed and others suffered severely because the war. In Russia, people were discontent for the lack of supplies the government gave during the war. Thus, revolutionaries grew in mass numbers and later drove the czar power away and set up a new government. This occurred on March 1917, before the war ended. Bolsheviks took control of Russia in November, and signed a peace treaty with Germany after wishing for a new start in the world.

German power lessened as the war progressed. Their armies couldn't sustain any more damage as they ran out of supplies and materials needed for fighting. In August 1918, the Allied broke through Germany's defenses and turned the odds. Finally, Germany couldn't sustain anymore damage and crumbled quickly with the 300 Allied tanks that rumbled through the borderlines. It caused a revolution to occur in Germany to make a republic. Ottoman Turks and Austria wished for treaties of peace with the lost of their power.

Loss of life was an important aspect to the war. The battles did not just use knives, sticks, spears, or any short-range combat. They were accompanied by automatic machine guns, submarines, tanks, and poisonous gas that made the wars much more hazardous and the truth that instant death could occur at anytime. With these deadly weapons, over millions of people died and left many people stranded without their once to-be family. Only a war with such new technologies could have done so much death.
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