Effect of Volume of Water on Dissolving Speed of Sugar

Topics: Water, Temperature, Heat Pages: 3 (473 words) Published: November 22, 2010
Lab Experiment

Does Different volume of water affect the dissolving speed of 5 mg of sugar?

My aim for this lab report will be to find out how the volume of water can affect the dissolving speed of sugar by doing an experiment and test different volumes of water and test it with the same variables.

I think the more amount of water will cause the solute to dissolve faster. This is because as there is more water, then there will be more solute to be dissolved in the solvent.

Independent Variable
* the different volume of water (50 ml, 100 ml, 150 ml, 200 ml,)

Dependent variable
* Dissolving speed of 5 mg of sugar

* Temperature of water (50 degrees Celsius)
* Beaker
* Height of tripod
* Distilled water

* Thermometer
* Bunsen burner
* Beaker
* Distilled water
* Tripod
* Gauze mat
* Sugar
* Stopwatch
* Weigher
* Spatula


| 50 ml| 100 ml| 150 ml | 200 ml|
Dissolving time of sugar in minutes.| 6.:44| 6:28| 6:11| 5:54| | 6:49| 6:10| 6:05| 5:46|
Average:| 6:46| 6:18| 6:08| 5:50|

Through this lab report I found out about the movement of water and how they can affect the dissolving time of sugar. The reason for this is because of the particles inside of the water molecule. As more volume of water is added, thus the more particle there is. Since there is more particles, there is more space between particle as it gets filled up by sugar, ergo dissolving the water more quicker. Not only this, I found out that as I observed carefully in my experiment, I found out that when water is heated up, it is goes through a cycle. When the water is heated up, hot water rises and colder water sinks to the bottom. This movement of water is called water convection. As the water cycles through the beaker it helps mixes the sugar and the water together.

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