Effect of vibration, mechanical shock, and impact on human body

Topics: Human body, Vibration, Collision Pages: 2 (399 words) Published: October 8, 2014
Mohd Azlan Bin Azemi 16292
Effect of vibration, mechanical shock, and impact on human body The properties and structure of our human body are being considered as a mechanical as well as a biological system. Our human body can experience or undergo a lot of stress or forces through the senses, one of the experiences are the shock, vibration and even impact on the human body itself. This act of forces can be effects to the human body if the forces apply are beyond the structure human body can undertake. These effects on the human body are more to physical of the body. The physical effect can be measure in a control environment such as in the laboratory. One of the obvious effects of the forces on human body is the effect of the human body during a car collision. It shows that during the car collision it gives an impact and this impact is transmitting to human body. That is why simulation of human subject is being used in order to analyses the effect of shock and impact so that the establishment of limits of human tolerance to mechanical forces and the explanation of injuries produced when these limits of forces are exceeded. Through the effect of vibration and shock, we can better understanding such as when the head of the body is being knock. These kind of scenario can be best explain through these mechanical forces. Because of the sudden blow to the head, there is an impact to the head that cause the brain to vibrate which lead to the concussion of the head. The differences in the injury patterns arise from differences in the rates of loading, peak force, duration and localization of forces apply on human body (Von Gierke H.E. & Brammer A.J.). Physical are not the only effect on human body, there is also the effects of shock and vibration of the task performance of the human body. These performance are more to physical response to some stimulus that involves in the feedback of the system. For example is the movement of images on the retina that...
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