Effect of Vedic Chanting (Homas, Yagyas, Meditation) on Crime Rate (Oct 2011)

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“Jai Guru Dev”
Title: Effect of Vedic Chanting (Homas, Yagyas, Meditation) on crime rate (Oct 2011) Dr. Rohit Sabharwal
Ms. Kinjal Dalal
The Art of Living
Every sound generated in this universe has great impact on human body and its surroundings. Ancient sages; through power of meditation had found the benefits of various chants and its impact on the surroundings. Vedic Chantings (Homas, Yagyas, Meditation) leads to healthy body, mind and soul which is more in sync with law of nature. Today there are meditation, chantings been performed for holistic growth of human and nature. This was studied by analyzing crime registrations in four zones of Mumbai. The study has shown that Vedic chants reduce crime rate. Keywords:

Crime - an action or an instance of negligence that is deemed injurious to the public welfare or morals or to the interests of the state and that is legally prohibited , Navratri – Festival of lord Durga celebrated for 9 days in India, Sattva – positive vibes and energy, Vedic Chanting - Homas, Yagyas, Meditation. I. Introduction:

There is negativity spread all over the planet, mainly due to change in lifestyle, global warming, pollution and the rising population. Due to excessive working hours, unemployment, competition and corruption a common man falls prey to depression, anxiety, helplessness, leading to violence betrayal of trust, loss of brotherhood in the family and society etc. Our ancient rishis and yogis used to chant mantras and perform various pujas, to eradicate negativity from the surroundings. This ancient technique, which when followed as per the rites and rituals of the vedic culture, brings positivity in the environment. The environment includes all the living beings in the cosmos. Each and every small organism is influenced by the chanting and the vibrations created in the space. The positive energy in the surrounding increases, leading to more of peace and non-violence and an up-liftment in thoughts, work, health and reduction of stress in individuals and society. Meaning of Navratri: Nava’ means ‘nine’ and ‘Ratri’ is made up of ‘Ra’, which also means ‘night’ and ‘Tri’ meaning the ‘the three aspects of our life – the Body, the Mind and the Soul. So ‘Navaratri’ means ‘giving rest to all the three aspects of our life, for nine days’. Each day during Navratri has special implications: yagyas, poojas and homas are performed. Among the things offered to the fire are hundreds of different herbs, fruits, garments, and mantras, all creating a gloriously divine atmosphere to drown in. The significance of Vedic Chanting (Homas, Yagyas, Meditation): These are not for the sages, who perform them, but for the entire Universe, for all the misery, sorrow, and pain in the world. The blessings of the yagyas and poojas teach the whole of humanity and a lot of good comes out of these – peace, strength, prosperity, success and faith. II. Literature Review:

There is research conducted on effects of various vedic chantings on intellect. It was concluded that vedic chanting showed significant increase scoring in both the memory tests and considerable reduction in total error and total time taken for cancellation tests compared to non-chanting practitioners (Sripad Ghaligi[1],H.R. Nagendra & Ramachandra Bhatt, 2006). Every one attending to such Homas, Yagyas, Meditation (Vedic Chanting) before has given a review that they experience peace of mind, there is more relaxation which gives a feeling of something settling within, experiencing meditative state of mind. They have experienced decrease in illness and more of positive energy within. However, there is no specific research conducted which studies and proves to have reduced the crime rate due to Vedic chanting (Homas, Yagyas, Meditation).

The data as made available by Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), West Region, Mumbai, record of the crimes in the zones of Bandra Kurla Complex, Kherwadi, Bandra and Mahim for the above...
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