Effect of Vampires on Society

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When you hear the word vampire you probably think of today’s modern charters, from Twilight or True Blood. According to the article “Blood Ties, The vampire Lover” By Helen T. Bailie, Today’s vampires make up book 53% of today’s book sells. Vampires in today’s image have become creatures of lust, the dream man of teenage girls all over the world. Before pop culture took over vampires in stories, were monsters of horror. Pre-dating today’s pop culture fad, vampires were used to explain things that people didn’t understand, something scary and unknown. So what has caused all theses changes in vampire stories over time? Changing them from feared unknown demons to every teens heartthrob. To find out where the change came from we’ll look at what the original vampires were thought to be and the legends associated with them/ Then Ill review the early stories of vampires followed by the examination of stories from today’s pop culture. Finalizing where the shift came from. Following up with the impact that the impact that these stories could be having on society today. *

* Vampires date back to practically the dawn of time. But the vampires that originated were thought to be a type of blood- sucking corpse. The first vampire “sightings” were by the Slavic community back during the middle ages according to an article titled “Was the vampire of the eighteenth century a unique type of dead corpse” written by G. David Keyworth an article about the early legends of vampires. Vampires were originally thought to be created by all kinds of different ways, like women that didn’t want to be housewives, or that wanted to do other things rather than cooking, cleaning and tending to the children were often thought to be under the spell of a powerful vampire. The Slavic people believed that vampires were made from improper burials, being born out of wedlock, or just being born on a certain day. While the Romanian people caught onto the vampire trend quickly after the Slavic, Romanians thought vampires were made from women that didn’t eat salt during the pregnancy, and even being the 7th child in the family of the same gender. The ways that vampires were made may seem odd to you and I but they were things that in the early days of the middle ages were considered wrong or different from the norms. Today’s science helps explains most of the things that were thought to be considered the marking of a vampire to be invalid. For example believed that swelling or discoloration of the body after deaths were signs that the deceased was going to come back as a vampire. We now know that the rigor mortis sets in and causes most things post mortem that were thought to be signs of vampirism in the middle ages. * The people of these communities did their best to keep new vampires from rising out of the ground. They tried to keep animals from crossing over the graves, ensuring a proper burial and placing a ton of boulders and rocks on the graves to keep the corpse firmly in the ground. There has even been pre-staking the person through the heart and then staking them into the ground. Try as they may their preventive measures didn’t always work and there was distinct evidence for a vampire being around. Most of these early communities had the same clues that a vampire was running amuck. When livestock disappeared or turned up dead, blood on the mouth of the body, the body being swelled up holes in the ground, and also vampires didn’t eat the garlic given out during church ceremonies. Killing vampires in the early days was pretty straightforward, drive a steak through its heart, shoot it through the coffin or shove garlic into its mouth. From this of course emerged men that could be hired to track down and kill the vampires through out the town, everything from church priest to an actual vampire hunter, what we would now relate to as someone that was like Van Helsing. How easily vampires were killed in the stories of the middle ages aren’t really...
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