Effect of Tobacco Products

Topics: Nicotine, Tobacco, Tobacco smoking Pages: 2 (479 words) Published: February 8, 2012
John Livers
Engish 011 Section 22
Professor Terrell
Feburary 7, 2012
Cause and Effect essay
Effects of smoking
Tobacco has been variously hailed as a gift from the gods, a miraculous cure-all for life's physical ills, a solace to the lonely soldier or sailor, a filthy habit, a corrupting addiction, and the greatest disease-producing product known to man. This diversity of opinion has continued unchanged for centuries and has appeared until very recently to be little affected by research results from more than 900,000 papers thus far published on the topic. It is common knowledge that cigarette smoking is the single major cause of cancer and cardiovascular disease in the United States, contributing to hundreds of thousands of premature deaths each year, yet one-fourth to one-third of American adults continue to smoke. The dental profession has been repeatedly warned against the use of tobacco, perhaps accounting for the very low proportion of dentists (6-8%) currently considered to be regular users.  More than 130 years ago Brodie was telling dental surgeons that "the use of tobacco in any ordinary way, by the dentist, is a practice which we consider reprehensible in point of propriety and etiquette. It is in all cases offensive and disgusting."  He emphasized that patients should not be forced to tolerate a dentist's "smoker's breath" or spitting. "How a dentist of any refinement can persist in such an infliction upon his patients is more than we can comprehend."  Today, of course, we are more concerned about the health effects and addiction potential of tobacco use by out patients, but our concern is no less ardent. It is especially important to understand that harmful effects of tobacco products are dose-dependent, that they depend more on abuse than on simple use. In this light its addicting aspects acquire ominous overtones. The nicotine found in substantial amounts in tobacco products is widely considered to be a powerfully addicting drug, so much so...
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