Effect of the Internet on Society

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  • Published : December 13, 2010
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The internet is the global system of interconnected computer networks that use standard internet protocol suite (IP) to serve billions of users worldwide (Wikipedia.org). This system has been around for a while now and has revolutionalized communication turning the world from a local village into a global one. It has revolutionalized communication, education, business and eased flow of information between individuals, governments, private sector and developed various individual user platforms for further interaction such as e-commerce platforms The internet has also posed as having a negative impact on how societies operate. It has made easily available most inappropriate materials for example: pornography, sensitive intelligence material (wiki leaks) etc. It has also led to addiction behavior among fanatics and this has led to neglect due to this dependency and thus overall breakdown of moral values and institutions e.g. marriage. The internet has also been a brewing ground for crime across borders. The focus of this paper will be to highlight these impacts on various areas of societal development. On a personal note, even though it has a few limitations, the internet still remains to be one of man’s greatest and most valuable inventions after the wheel.

Positive impacts of the internet:
It has revolutionalized and improved the means of communication which is seen with continuous development of numerous applications that are fully dependent on it. A few examples include; email, fax, instant messaging, online TV and radio stations and many other means of communication. In addition, businesses and how they are transacted have experienced a major boost or makeover due to the presence of the internet. Business portals like e-commerce, online forex trading etc are current frontiers in business and commerce over the internet. These ensure that businesses can be transacted anywhere around the globe regardless...
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