Effect of Temperature on in One Day in the Life of Ivan Densiovich vs the Strangers

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  • Published : January 3, 2011
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The Effect of Temperature on the plot in One Day in the Life of Ivan and The Strangers
One Day in the Life of Ivan by Dos. was a very successful book with many literary devices. The story is told in fist person at times and in third person in other. Dos. has incorporated many literary devices into this book. The Strangers was written during the 1950s by Albert Camus. The diction in this book is very high with many telegraphic sentences. Both authors use many symbols and motifs in there book. In One Day in the life of Ivan the cold is a significant symbol and in The Strangers the heat is also an important symbol in the book.

One Day is about a man named Ivan who lives in the cold Siberian prison located in a tundra. The cold in this novel has helped shaped Ivan’s personality. After many years in the prison he receives a letter form his family and on page 33 he quotes “Writing now is like throwing stones in a bottomless pool. In this quote Ivan is talking about his feelings but in third person narration. The simile in this quote implies that he doesn’t like writing back to his family. He feels like he needs to focus on more important things like how to make it through the day with his cold. He also says that he doesn’t have anything to talk about with his family and he has more to say with to his inmates then his family. Ivan is losing his identity and is starting to become like the rest of the prisoners. In the strangers Albert Camus writes about a man named Meursault who has just received word that his mom has died. During her funeral he quotes the blazing sun is hitting my skin as is floods the valley with its heat. This quote reveals Meursalt’s uncaring personality. He is attending his mom’s funeral and instead of morning over her sudden death he is concerned about the heat. There is a hyperbole in this quote “as it floods the valley with its heat. This hyperbole is describing how hot it is which is why meursalt is irrated by the sun. Ivan and Meursault...
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