Effect of Telling a Lie

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Effects of Telling Lies
Lying is all around us, but that never stops, every few minutes another lie that is said. Or can benefit everyone, or it may be for the worse. Lying is easily influenced by adolescents, such as children, parents have always taught their children that lying is a horrible habit and should be discouraged, as children grow, they learn the world around them, and can not avoid start lying, so lying is a bad habit because they are witnesses of the lies that are coming out of the mouth of all. There are two main types of lies, is the occasional white lie that does not seem so bad. Furthermore, there is the grave lie that harms the person was lying.

A lie is a lie, no matter if it's a little white lie or a lie grave, still ends hurt the feelings of all. People lie for various reasons, but the main reason is, the pressure, the pressure that is being pushed on them. Being a teenager today is difficult, and some are upset, others are always alone and has no friends, when all they want is acceptance, and others have friends, but just want to be accepted by "The Crowd Cool" for hang out with them. Press to lie to everyone you know, saying only what is necessary for them to have their ten minutes of fame. Based on the saying "Easy come easy go", the acceptance is only a matter of time, eventually everything returns to normal. The "lonely" is only once better known simply as a full space, which strive to be part of "The Crowd Cool" was exiled, this time without seeing friends betrayed his old acquaintances.

Get into trouble is a situation that everyone tries to avoid, we try to avoid, obviously trying to avoid getting into trouble with authority, which is what we consider to be the authority? All parents, teachers, police, and last but not least the "The Head Honcho" aka boss. Parents look after the welfare of their children, when children disobey their parents, of course, try to get to something that their punishment will be easier on them if they...
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