Effect of Technology on Society

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  • Published : March 7, 2006
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This essay is a self reflective assignment; the main objective of this assignment is to rethink the issues of computer technology. In the first part, the benefits of the computer technology on the society will be introduced. The second part will be a conflict of the first part supported by themes from the text (The End of The Work), and the reading kit which contains different articles written by different authors. The conclusion will be based on my own opinion from what I wrote.

Ever since the dawn of civilization, knowledge has been power. If you knew how to count, you could understand more than others. This still applies today. If you know more than another, you will have more power. Computers in the modern world are the main source of knowledge. From a simple calculator to the most powerful supercomputer, computers give man an edge over his/her challenger. The computer has the following capabilities.

1. Simultaneous finishing of different jobs.
2. Ability to make decision.
3. Work without fatigue.
4. Conclusion of complex jobs with great speed.
5. Remote control.
6. Ability to work in inaccessible areas.
7. More effective operation of human efforts, thus reducing cost of production. 8. Precision and accuracy in results.
9. Very large memory condition to store and to recover data.

Nowadays computers have become a necessary part of almost any professional field, there is hardly any human activity which is not affected by the computer in some way or another; it affects health, education, industrial management and production, communication or travel …etc. Computers are in every house, they became a demand for a daily life, in which we cannot get a job done without it. Computers have entered right into the classroom. If you use a calculator, that is a computer. Also programs like Excel (or other graphing programs) can allow you to graph certain functions that would be hard to do by hand. Computer technology became more effective with internet....
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