Effect of Pregnancy on Male Adolescents

Topics: Teenage pregnancy, Pregnancy, Scientific method Pages: 7 (2032 words) Published: January 29, 2013
Quantitative Critique

Question 1

Was there a clear statement of the aims of the research?
What was the goal of the research?
Why is it imporant?
Is it relevant?

In this paper the authors aim to explore the effect of parenthood on adolescent fathers and the importance of they're role in the life of their child, including the negative consequences their absence may have on the development of a child. In particular how various studies have suggested a lack of father figure in a childs life has links to 'negative child and adolescent' outcomes i.e. behavioural difficulties, early sexual activity, teenage pregnancy and life adversity. The author goes further to explain the psychological issues faced by adolescent fathers which previously have been a neglected field of study. Suggesting a lack of adult social support network to issues such as disapproving maternal parents, unresolved issues of dependence and masculinity and lack of involvement in the birthing and after process of the child leaving male adolescent parents feeling alienated and detached from their children are suggested by the author to be motivations behind their eventual absence. The study notes that it is important for education to include relevance to young fathers specifically prenatal classes having sessions for perspective fathers aswell as encouragement for adolescent parents to be to engage in discussions with their own fathers and grand fathers with the possibility of a mentoring option with mature old men with an experience of fatherhood to assist those male parents who do not have a relationship with a father figure in their lives.

Question 3

Was the research design appropriate to address the aims of the research?

In respect to the aim of the research 'to explore the experiences of prospective adolescent fathers regarding their impending fatherhood' any approach other than qualitative would have been either inappropriate or produced results that were vastly lacking. The question requires an emotive response and an in-depth understanding of a particular demographics behaviour to interpret the reasons behind their actions which an approach such as quantitative could not exhibit. The researchers clearly explain their approach by recruiting seven adolescent parents still with their partners for a one hour interview through their partners pregnancy with an emphasis on the interviews toward the latter stages of the pregnancy. However there was some areas to address where the research could be lacking, for instance the chaotic lifestyle of adolescent fathers often leads to unreliability to show for the interviews or disconnection of mobile phones so were unavailable for questioning. The very demographic the research wished to investigate posed an issue for research by their fleeting and undependable behaviour. It should also be noted that of the 7 research participants all were white Caucasian which is itself not a wide representation of the adolescent male 15 – 24 years statistic neglecting to constitute any ethnic minorities or participants of variable economic circumstance. Of the 7 participants all expressed 'money-stress' suggesting they represented a low-income working class background again a lack of representation from middle or upper classes in the research.

Question 4
Was the recruitment strategy appropriate to the aims of the research? The paper should state how the participants were selected and why they were selected?

The recruitment strategy was very relevant to the aims of the research by posting flyers a large antenatal clinic in a major metropolitan area of an Australian city with a high teenage birth rate. Participants who made contact were provided with the information sheet and consent form and invited to enquire with any further questions, following this a convenient time and place was then organised for the interview itself. A difficulty was initially experienced in the recruiting resulting in...
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