Effect of Powerpoint on Literacy Teaching

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Background of the Study

The right to education means the right to effective citizenship. To achieve citizenship and all it entails, children must be perceived not as mere recipients of knowledge, but rather as active players in the learning process (UNICEF, 2004).Children are the world’s most valuable resource as future leaders, they are our future. Nigeria National Policy on education laid emphasis on the quality of education at the primary level and achieving the best educators and curriculum planner, searching for possible ways of making learning more internalizing to students. Teaching has passed from using traditional methods to scientific methods. (Avello 2005) As policy makers and educational leaders today, we will discuss what we need to change in our education system, though some people see this change as neglecting the core content which is a misconception. The 21st century learning has changed in the way we teach core subjects. The emphasis is on making connections between past experiences and instructions. All these are ideas embedded in 21st century learning without replacing or de-emphasizing the core content. (Becta 2003) In the 25 years since Education 2000 was founded at what might be considered the forerunner of 21st century learning movement, educators have come to place a greater emphasis on basic teaching for students to learn. In the past, classroom focused on content and knowledge while that focus still remains, educators have embraced the idea that teachers should have interactive strategies as such strategies bring new tasks. Children are being given information and communication skills in the classroom. They are being taught how to apply knowledge to new situations, how to think critically and solve problems, how to analyze information, how to work together and how to make decision right from their primary level to higher education. (Jackson 2005) Technology has become a focus in the classroom today. The ability to find information on the internet, to prepare and present a multimedia presentation in class, these are just a few of the things a 21st century student needs to be able to do before they leave school for the outside world. (Becta 2003)More so the education a child receives needs to be tied to and be applicable in the world beyond school. There are many multimedia technologies that have been developed to make learning more interactive. Advances in information, communication and computer technologies have impact on the educational system in multidimensional ways. They have started to redefine the way in which teaching and learning are being dispensed, with the result that curriculum and technology have started to merge so as to stretch the definition of literacy. Traditional metrics of literacy, numeracy (simple arithmetic) and language, reading, writing, listening and speaking are now being endowed with a technological dimension that cannot be overlooked. The new age metrics of literacy leverages on a range of computer related skills. These include but are not limited to, word processing skills (in place of writing), e-mailing (in place of composing letters), and information retrieval skills using the internet (in place of going to the library to source for information), online collaboration skills (on top of working as part of a team in the real world. (Ajayi 2002) Familiarity in using digital media such as computers, digital cameras, video cameras, mobile phones and e-books, data analysis skills using a suite of software programs, website construction skills, including ability to creatively combine audio, video, data multimedia and text, creative PowerPoint presentation, skills, ability to use spread sheets and databases etc, new forms of literacy are also emerging as technologies evolve. . (Avello 2005)This study tends to examine the effects of PowerPoint presentation in enhancing the literacy skills of students with special interest on reading...
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