Effect of Positive and Negitive Thinking

Topics: Human, Thought, Mind Pages: 9 (3495 words) Published: February 7, 2013
When life gives you lemons---
Adora Pallisco
February 2, 2013
Compare & Contrast Essay

When life gives you lemons, make grape juice, and leave the world wondering how you did it. The effects of both positive and negative thinking affects the world in the same sense, to have been given the different options to see the world and deciding which path to take. With each decision and action is the same as Newton’s law of gravity what goes up must come down, it’s a natural accordance that will continue on in the never ending circle of life. The processes of these thoughts pass from person to person, place to place, and with every situation it changes and grows with life. Throughout life someone somewhere has heard, be it through friends or family, things such as "If you think bad thoughts, then you'll jinx it" or "If you think the worst, the worst will happen." Sadly now the world is slowly becoming consumed by more negativity then ever before, making these more then just little wives’ tales and they all start in the mind. When people are negative, either to ones’ self or others, it expands and jumps out. Think of a school environment, on a day-to-day basis, all those people are moving together, all those different personalities are clicking or crashing with one another, and all range of emotions are swirling around, one individual in the group could be having a bad day for a number of reasons, they might unintentionally do or say something that could in turn ruin another individual’s day. In some cases permitting for so many of the negative thoughts that come and go over time can turn from exciting just mentally in the mind, outward to the physical being itself. People who worry or overstress about all the little things that can go wrong or might happen, these are the “what if” thinkers, have been known to unwillingly force the body to become sick, in order to slow down the thoughts; that is a form of negative thinking attacking the body. In Greek mythology Pandora’s Box was said to have contained all the horrible and negative things of man, Envy, Crime, Hate, and Disease. When Pandora opened the box all of it escaped but the last thing to leave was Hope, the one thing that was meant to go against the darkness, negativity, the hatred of the humans’ lives.

There have been quite a number of cases over the years that have reporting’s of people fighting diseases, such as cancer or childhood leukemia, where there have been quotes saying that staying positive and not letting this dieses get them down has helped, along with treatment, to rid the body of the nasty infection causing the unwanted pain and trouble. It can be a challenging and often long battle that tests the person’s ability and desire to live in a way that others will never feel. Those with a positive outlook that have the strength to fight all that comes at them with a smile, strong will, telling them selves “I can beat this.” have a higher chance of beating the bad blood that runs through the veins and can stay in remission for many years to follow. There have been quite a few cases that the upkeep of positive thinking in one’s daily life as lead to less depression, more immunity toward the common cold, as shown in tests involving students receiving an injection that made skin bumps appear and become enlarged or smaller depending upon their level of germ immunity. Highly optimistic students experienced higher immunity levels, and less chance of a cardiovascular disease. Religions use this power of thinking to touch people and to bring, what some call, a light into their worlds. Each person perceives it in a way specific to the individual often calling it what may best befit with their life. The major religion that focuses on the mind set with positive negative comparison is considered the most taboo, Wiccan and Paganism. A law of Wiccans’ is send the positive energy step taken and breath inhaled, which means send the good engery, karma,...
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