Effect of Online Games Addiction on Study Habits

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Online games are one of the medium of entertainment especially in the youth of modern era in Batangas. Virtual or cyber games over internet are direct personally to each individual user. It encourages and requires the participation of individual user or gamester. It is an inexpensive in the sense that the internet connections for the online games are easily accessible everywhere and anywhere and affordable these days. This aspect works in association with the personal characteristic and importance of discipline to the individual (student) gamester. The effective advertisement and promotions of online games developers caught the youth or student’s attention to response. These qualities of online games advertisement give it immense influence over a vast range and sizeable number of youth or student gamester. Certainly, it is not just a matter of a single flick. The online game is an industry. An industry is any grouping of businesses that share a common method of generating profit. Online game is a business and profit has to generate. Apparently, businesses, or anyone for that matter, do not see many monetary profits from hardcore developmental animation, graphic development, and as businesses, they must do everything to maximize profits. The children, teenager or students are where the money is at, and corporate boards of many online game sites decided that these are the ones who must be targeted. The more children, teenager or students playing at strategic times of the day, the more they could advertise and give promos. This sole mercantile purpose sparked the first ever prototype of an online games in 1999. But then, is the online games industry all about commercialization, all about making profit? Certainly, it is yes. As the online game developers’ states, there is amount of charge that internet café and computer shop should hold. That is the idea behind the online games that the student cannot understand.

This part presents a review of some studies undertaken in the local setting and abroad. It also includes Literature and Theories, which serve as underpinnings of the present study. A discussion of the Conceptual Framework is also part of this part. THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK

This study further concerned on cognitive ability of the students and their performance in the actual classroom interaction. The following are the three theories of motivation that supports the idea on how to arouse the attention of the students: 1. Instrumental/operant learning: (Skinner) it states that the primary factor is consequences: rein forcers are incentives to increase behavior and punishers are disincentives that result in a decrease in behavior. (Stimulus => response => reward)

2. The desire of reward is one of the strongest incentives of human conduct; ... the best security for the fidelity of humankind is to make their interest coincide with their duty. --Alexander Hamilton (The Federalist Papers)

3. Observational/social learning: (Bandura) it suggests that modeling (imitating others) and vicarious learning (watching others have consequences applied to their behavior) are important motivators of behavior.


Figure 1 presents the paradigm of the study. Playing Online Games is the Independent Variable while the Students Academic Performance is the Dependent Variable. Spending more time playing online games may affect the student’s academic performance.

1. What is the demographic profile of the respondents?
(In terms of)

A. Age

B. Gender

C. Academics Achievements

2. What are the effects of playing online games to the formation of study of habits of HM1F?

3. What is the significant relationship of playing online games and study habits? (Internet gaming)...
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