Effect of Nutrients Deficiency and Toxicity in Plants

Topics: Chlorosis, Fruit, Iron Pages: 2 (376 words) Published: May 11, 2012
The effect of nutrient deficiency and toxicity in plants Nutrient Micronutrient Nitrogen (N) Deficiency effect Toxicity effect Leaves become dark green and susceptible to drought, pests and diseases as well as failed yield for fruits and seed crops. Limit the uptake of other nutrient, which is magnesium or potassium.

Older leaves at the bottom of plant will start to become yellowish (chlorosis) while the rest of the plant’s leaves will be light green. Calcium (Ca) Newer leaves at the top of the plant will be distorted and have irregular shape. Blossom rot-end also may occur. Magnesium Centre of leaf has green arrowhead (Mg) due to yellowing of edges of the leaves. Phosphorus (P) Burnt tips of leaf coupled with dark-green or reddish-purple appearance of older leaves. Potassium (K) Wilting and scorching older leaves. Chlorosis begins from the base of the leaf, moving inwards from the margin. Sulphur (S) Yellowing of younger leaves and may be followed by older leaves. Micronutrient Boron (B) Death of terminal buds. Tree’s growth is stunted and hollow stems and fruit (hollow heart) and brittle, discoloured leaves and loss of fruiting bodies Copper (Cu) Dieback of stems and twigs, yellowing of leaves, stunted growth and pale green leaves that wither easily. Iron (Fe) Interveinal tissues in young leaves started to green followed by complete yellowing to almost white, and then browning. Manganese Interveinal chlorosis but not as (Mn) distinct as in iron deficiency followed by brown necrotic spots delayed maturity and white/gray spots on some cereal crops. Molybdenum General yellowing at older leaves (Mo) and other leaves are light green. Zinc (Zn) Stunted appearance with yellowing at veins of new leaves and delayed maturity. Chlorine (Cl) Mainly affecting cereal crop, branches are wilting and restricted.

None. However imbalance with calcium and magnesium cause stunted growth. Micronutrient especially zinc and iron deficiencies. Deficiencies in magnesium and...
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