Effect of Landslipe

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  • Published : April 21, 2013
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Effects of Landslides
Landslides are a major catastrophe the world as it is widespread andsignificant impact, including Malaysia. The effects of catastrophic landslides isdangerous to humans and to other living thingsFor example, the slope of the saturated with water to form debris flows or mudflows. Concentrated mixture of rock and mud may destroy the trees, houses, andcars and blocking the bridge. Mud mixed with river flow can cause devastatingflooding along the route.Similarly, the ice floes formed in the river caused by ice clogging the rivers andflows more slowly. However, it can produce enough energy to destroy the bridge. Icemay accumulate on the edge or on top of weak layers of snow or unstable causescrash occurred.Pyroclastic flows (pyroclastic) arising from dust debris of ash, poisonous gasand hot rock from volcanic eruptions that spread quickly to eat anything that traveledto the effects of destruction and death. Among the social effects that can be described as: 1. Economic Decline

Landslides are certainly cause damage to property. This brings losses to theeconomy of a country. Economic rehabilitation is also needed in the area that hasexperienced a landslide. This would cost a lot and some of the offending countryeconomy.Example:1. A average, these landslides caused loss of $ 1-2 billion U.S. dollars and 25disaster in the United States each year.2. At Utah, U.S., in 1983, the total cost to repair the landslide area of 500 milliondollars and it is financing the cost of the most expensive landslide in U.S.history3. Loss due to landslides in the United States is estimated at 1.5 billion dollarsannually.4. Earthquake the earth Loma Prieta in October 1989 caused thousands of landslides covering an area of 5400 square feet. Causing losses of at least $10 million dollars .

. Damage To Infrastructure.
Landslides can lead to damage to property resulting from the force flow or mud.Infrastructure land such as buildings, roads, places of leisure...
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