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  • Published : April 23, 2013
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The rebirth of SVs... 1.1 Tank Wheels :
1. Good for heavy vehicles in deserts snowy regions etc. but in rocky regions they may slip in step climbing due to lack of weight of machine. 2. More consumption of power due to long surface of contact hence decrease in millage. 3. Controlling can be tougher at situations + will require higher maintenance in damp forest areas. 4. Can't give ground clearance more than 1/2 of radius of wheel, hence wheel size should be increased. 5. Less shock absorbing capacity due to more compact design. 6. Ground Clearance can not be varied

1.1 Proposal Revision


1.1 Proposal for UCSV 1st Revision

1. Vehicle Dynamics 2. Weapon & Surveillance Dynamics 3. Electrical & Communication 4. Request & Suggestion DATE

09 / 04 /2013

Sagar S.K

1.2 Jeep/Rover Wheels :
1. If 6 wheels are used,we can have climb the steps of height equal to the half the length of of our vehicle. 2. Shock absorbing capacity is higher than the tank wheels and the ground clearance need can be greater than the diameter of wheels as well. 3. The tank can instantly change the direction of wheels and move at a direction perpendicular to which it had been moving. 4. its space requirement can be less due as the wheels may slide beneath the body as and when required. 5. The ground clearance can be varied as and when required so that it can passover a small but high obstacle like a stone in its path and can also slide beneath a low lying object like the fence. 6. Raising the ground clearance can prevent the electrical from water in river crossing and we can make it floating or submersible also.


2.1 Surveillance Technology

1. Two cameras can create a mess for the operator as well as the decision taking unit of the device because housing more than one gun is tough. 2. If we use one camera giving a 360degree swivel...
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