Effect of Information Technology on Mobile Commerce

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  • Published : August 28, 2011
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Mobile communication are about to enter the third stage in their development, widely known as 3G. The significance of this technology is that it would enable internet access to the mobile devices.Mobile communication,with the support of internet can be used as a source to perform various business and organizational functions more efficiently and effectively..

1)Constant improvement and advancement in information technology had made it possible for different companies to use moblile as a marketing channel,that would enhance the marketing and advertising activities of those firms.

2)In a survey held in Turkey,Mobile phone users have positive attitude towards mobile advertising,entertaintment,discount coupens and mobile marketing.This is a signal that most of the people are relying on mobile rather than any other source.

3)It is known that the number of Internet users is more than Internet subscribers, but not as many as mobile phone subscribers.This shows that moblie has an edge over any other source.

4)When it comes to the services provided by mobile,SMS, MMS, Mobile Internet are among those effective sources that makes the mobile phone as a viable commercial marketing channel.

5)One of the advancements in information technology is wireless mobile communication . The most attractive feature of this technology is “anytime-to-anyplace” communication possible, and is now widely applied in the corporate world. This technology system allows increased mobility and extended services to remote areas.

6)Due to wireless communication system, mobile phone users are accessing their e-mails, searching, ordering and buying products and services from the everywhere without computers.

7)In wireless communication systems, 3G (Third Generation) is a new system that follows on from the 2G mobile communication system, extending its capabilities through a new communication infrastructure.

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