Effect of Globalised Media on Nigerian Youths

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  • Published : March 6, 2013
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A worthy life
Our lives are being chosen by us and being determined by our future, people are being judged from where they come from while others are being judge from where they are heading to, but the mystery always remains with us. He was a man, a man indeed, He was like any other man who was born and raised in Ikenne, He went to school like all other men in his time, He was disciplined for late coming like other student, He wasn’t born with fame rather did anybody knew him then. Indeed He was a man, He was Obafemi Awolowo.

Awolowo is his name by birth; He was Nigeria’s foremost federalist, in His path to Nigerian freedom. He provided free primary education for people in the western region because he believed education is the key to freedom and He established the first television service in Africa, all of this were financed from the highly lucrative Coco industry which was the mainstay of the regional economy.

Legacies they say are being left by people of integrity and being passed from generation to generation for people to fallow and emulate. Awolowo is remembered for his integrity, ardent nationalism, principled and virile opposition and dogged federalist convictions. He is remembered by Nigerians because he was one of the people who fought for Nigeria’s independent from the United Kingdom and because of him we have freedom.

Although he died at the age of 78, Awolowo is being remembered by many and He held so many chieftaincy titles, and national honours. Some regional and national institute are named after him, His portrait is on the 100naira note. He was also the author of several publications on the political structure and future of Nigeria, This surely a worthy life left by Awolowo.
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