Effect of Employee Satisfaction of Driving Customer Satisfaction

Topics: Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Employment, Personal development Pages: 5 (1155 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Arab academy for science and technology |
Effect of employee satisfaction of driving customer satisfaction| Exploring Career development as a main component of Employee satisfaction| Practical application on Samsung Egypt and TE Data |

Karim Al-Bendary
Moussa Georgy
Razan Ashraf
Sarah Nabil
Wael Zein


"Its common sense when people feel great about the place where they work… they provide better customer service" Dick Clark, Group leader of Financial services at Monsanto

Customer satisfaction is the main aim of every organization running a business everywhere. Various level managers consider the importance of customer satisfaction and try to pass this issue to the lower levels that have direct contact with the customers. Those front-line employees should be satisfied themselves in order to deliver customer value. (bulgarella, 2005). Some researchers and business pioneers went further to include employees as "internal customers" whom they seek to satisfy their needs in order to make sure that they will do the same with the external customers (Harrison, 2003) and this highlights the direction towards the study on the employee satisfaction and its factors. In Egypt, employee satisfaction should be one of the most highlighted topics in every business field and should gain wider interest day after day. The emphasis on these kinds of studies will help improve the service standards and, consequently, raises the satisfaction levels of employees and external customers of any organization. From this perspective, the researchers decided to investigate the sense of career development and its effect on employee satisfaction (Research1 or R1). The second part of the research will be devoted to measure the effect of employee satisfaction on delivering customer satisfaction (Research2 or R2). The main research questions are designed as:

Q1: How can the sense of career development affect employee satisfaction? Q2: what is the effect of employee satisfaction on customer satisfaction? Hypotheses:
H1: Sense of career development has an effect on employee satisfaction. * Components of career development on this research paper are: * Quality of Employees ‘Lives.
* Social and economic contribution to society.
H2: sense of employee satisfactions affects Customer satisfaction. R1: The relation between sense of career development and employee satisfaction. When the researchers decided to define employee satisfaction, they called back the definition of the word "satisfaction" from the dictionary and it was found as "gratification of an appetite and pleasure" (Wilson Learning, 2006). Satisfaction researchers can never ignore Maslow's human satisfaction pyramid that starts with physiological needs, safety needs, social needs, self-esteem and self-actualization needs (Parvin, 2011) Scholars vary in their definitions to employee satisfaction; Reilly defines job satisfaction as "the feeling that a worker has about his job or a general attitude towards work or a job and it is influenced by the perception of one’s job". (C.R.Reilly, 1991). Some employee-satisfaction theories depends mainly on the individual factor or the employee himself; employee's objectives, age, social status, gender and education level have the major impact on determining the degree of his satisfaction and loyalty in his job (Ann, 1992) while others, such as Alan Witt, go in deeper analysis to study "Fit or Lack of Fit" or the "Want-Have Dilemma" between the employee's requirements and the organizational offerings (Ann, 1992) Papers agree on a main drive for employee satisfaction in any organization; employers must work on enhancing the sense of career development for their employees. However, career development itself is a broad concept that needs to be clarified. Sears defined career development as the total group of physiological, sociological, educational, physical and economic factors that direct the...
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