Effect of Divorce on Children

Topics: Emotion, Feeling, Feelings Pages: 2 (503 words) Published: April 6, 2013
How dose divorce effect on children

Family is one of the most important things in everyone's life since it's the unit which builds up a person's personality. How you behave and what you become in life depends a lot on your family life. Sometimes families face different kind of problems which causes them they fall apart. One of the biggest problems a family could face is Divorce. Divorce has its bad effects on family members and especially on children. there are three main steps to be follow which are to help children express their feelings, give them reassurance and love, and to clear up some misunderstanding in their minds. One of the ways to help children getting over their parent's divorce is helping them to express their feelings. It's very important for a child to have someone beside him to listen to his problems and someone who understands them. Children need support by helping them to express emotions and by being honest. During that phase the child is in big need for care and understanding. When they talk about how they feel, they let out the negative power in them through words which makes them feel better. During the talking we can give them the needed advices and make them feel better by telling them that we are ready to help anytime they need us. Another way is to give them the feeling of reassurance and love. After divorce children start feeling like they lack love and attention. Giving them that needed feeling makes them feel much better and helps them getting over a lot of trouble. We have to make their fears and bad feelings look less painful to them. Make them feel loved and saved and that we take care of them, all that is very important to the child. By supporting their feelings they will start to adjust to the new circumstances with the time.  last but not least, is to keep clearing up and straightening misunderstandings which children always have after divorces. In this case also we have to show our children how much we love them and care...
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