Effect of Dimensions of Professional Competency on Demographic Variables of Secondary School Teachers

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Effect of Dimensions of Professional Competency on Demographic Variables of Secondary School Teachers

Dr. R. Siva Prasadh*
Dr. K. Jaya ram**


The study is to assess the impact of teaching competencies, among a sample of 500 teachers from secondary schools in Visakhapatnam district. It used a 35-item five-point Professional Competency Scale covering important dimensions of professional competencies of teachers. Descriptive and inferential statistical tools such as means, t-test and ANOVA were used to analyze data using the Statistical package for Social Scientists (SPSS). A significance level of α = 0.01 was used to test the null hypotheses. On the analysis of data, it was found that the overall inquiry-teaching competence of the teachers was significantly below the acceptable level. The findings say that the teachers do not differ significantly in terms of gender, locality and age in possession of professional competency. The findings are likely to benefit teachers, and teacher trainers in improving performance and classroom learning environment in secondary school teaching.

Key words: ANOVA, SPSS, Teacher trainers, Workshop, Competencies.

          Donald M.Medly (1982) disclosed that the teacher professional competency as ‘those of knowledge, abilities and beliefs a teacher possesses and bring to – the teaching situation.  Teacher professional competency differs from teacher performance and teacher in that it is a stable characteristic of the teacher that does not change appreciably when the teacher moves from the one situation to another.

          Teacher professional competency is the potential to make educative process effective, with expertise and thoroughness of content, which was fabricated beautifully with the methodology of teaching and clear exposition, precise skill, abundant knowledge and creative mind to make the work style outstanding and to improvise low cost and no cost teaching learning material to supplement his teaching.

* Principal (I/c), Institute of Advanced Studies in Education (IASE), Andhra University, Visakhapatnam.
** Lecturer, Dr. L. Bullayya College of Education, Visakhapatnam.

      Out of many dimensions of teacher professional competency, five dimensions are considered in here.  They are – (1) Activity based teaching & hurdles
(2) Child centered practices
(3) Teaching learning material & display
(4) Evaluation strategies and
(5) Novel techniques.  

Activity based teaching and hurdles include concept teaching abilities, illustrations, practical approach etc.  Child centered practices refer to pupil needs individual differences, interpretations, child participation etc.  Teaching learning material and display refers to selection and presentation of teaching learning material preparation, display etc. Evaluation strategies include remedial measures, construction of test items different types of evaluation etc.  Novel techniques refer to interpretations, teaching strategies creative ideas etc. 


1.To study the inter-correlations between the various aspects of Professional competency of Secondary school teachers. professional competency.

2. To study the five dimensions of professional competency among the sample of secondary school teachers and find out the relationship of them with the demographic variables: gender, locality and age.


H1. There will be no significant relationship among the five dimensions of professional competency, and between dimensions of professional competency and total professional competency among the selected secondary school teachers.

H2. There is no significant difference within the gender (male and female), locality (rural and urban) and age (below and above 40 years) of...
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