Effect of Communication Barriers in Organization

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  • Published: November 4, 2012
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Ladies and Gentleman’s,
Today, I want to share with you about ‘Effect of Communication Barriers and how to overcome this barriers’. Good communication is very important. Without communication, there is no way to express our thoughts, ideas and feelings. Since we babies and grew up, we learnt more words and study how to communicate with different people, at different times, in different ways. Studying about communication enables us to be good communicators and brings a ways to a good effective communication. Communications have a many definition. What in important, communication needs a sender and a receiver of the message. No matter how, communication can describes as a process which begins when we have a message that want deliver to other person’s, the person’s received the message, react to it and respond our message. That response may lead us to react and give another message (Elizabeth Tierney, 1998). This message must be conveyed through some medium to the recipient. It is essential that this message must be understood by the recipient in same terms as intended by the sender. There are three (3) types of effective’s communication that we used every day in our lives (Camp & Satterwhite 2002). First is Oral Communication. Oral Communication is the spoken interaction between two or more of people. It’s used as an instant and immediate to conveying and receiving of information. It’s also builds self-esteem for both the audience and the speaker. It includes individuals conversing with each other, be it direct or telephonic conversation. Speeches, presentations, discussions are all forms of oral communication. These recommended when the communication matter is of temporary kind. Face to face communication (meetings, lectures, conferences, interview, etc.) is significant so as to build a rapport an trust.

According to Camp & Satterwhite (2002), Oral Communication follow ways by Face to Face conversation, meeting, voice mail messages, tele-confering, oral...
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