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  • Published : July 18, 2011
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Today, cellphones are the most popular tool for communication in modern life. They become a “must have” that everybody cannot live without. Although cellphones have many positive effects for human life, there are also some negative effects.

First, all cellphones are convenient and comfortable for users since they are small and light; therefore people can carry them every time and everywhere. Secondly, cellphones have been developing a lot of new thing, which contain a lot of additional features: alarm, calendar, camera, Internet, etc. Consumers can use a lot of functions at the same time; they can read stories, listen to music, connect to Internet, and watch videos whenever and wherever they want with cellphones. Third, cellphones help people stay connect with each other regardless of the distance. If they want to talk to their friends, they just need to send messages or make an instant call in order to share emotions, sadness or happiness; which make they might feel better and have more pleasures. Cellphones do make people’s relationship become closer. For example, talking helps people understand more about others, easier to make friends and share hobbies. People can share or discuss the information about business, accidents or hot topics through cellphones.

However cellphones also have negative effects. The first effect is they are harmful to people’s heath. Some scientists have said that cellphones are the worst invention of the world. According to them, cellphones have a lot of bad health effects due to their radiation. This radiation is similar to the harmful radiation of microwave. No one wants to stick their heads into a microwave, but they always bring their phones too close to their ears. This radiation affects their brains, hearts and endocrine system. For brains, it makes sleep difficult. As a result, they do not have enough energy to work and study. Some people have brain cancer because of long-term exposure...
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