Effect of Celebrity Endorsement on Students Performance

Topics: Brand, Advertising, Brand management Pages: 12 (3859 words) Published: April 9, 2013

Hera Anam, Iqra Javed, Mehtab Yaseen, Irum Khan, Nadia Anwer and Jouhra Hayat Students at Department of Management Sciences,The Islamia University Bahawalpur.


Effects of Celebrity Endorsements on Students
This study seeks to find out the influence of Celebrity endorsement on students. We measure the impact of various independent variables (Celebrity performance, Celebrity Attractiveness, Negative information and Celebrity product Fit) on our dependent variable (purchasing behavior).The data was collected by using a structured questionnaire from a sample consisting of 120 students belonging to Department Of Management Sciences of The Islamia University of Bahawalpur. The result of our research shows that student’s buying behavior is positively affected by above mentioned independent variables. Research instrument reliability is 0.793 which is highly acceptable and also practicable it is.

Key words: Purchasing behavior, Celebrity attractiveness, Celebrity performance, Negative information and Celebrity product fit. Introduction:
Fashion and celebrities attracts everyone. But main influence of celebrities can be observed on youth and especially on students. Students are considered as target market for most of the products like outfits, shoes, makeup, and health and personal care etc. Students are mostly targeted because they can be easily captured by their interest and likeness of new and innovative products and of course, those products that are being used by their favorite celebrities. Celebrities don’t directly affect their followers but they indirectly influence them by using Products. Product endorsement is a technique to increase sale of your product and attract new customer with the help of celebrities that are known as Youth-Icon. Celebrities are incomplete without brands and product endorsement. Students idealize them, they want to be like them and they feel like them while using the same products and brands referred by their favorite celebrity. Adjei (cited in Students follow celebrity fashion trends, 2012) says she sees a relationship between celebrity styles and popular trends. "Students definitely model their fashion after celebrities," she says. "There's a trickling effect. Since celebrities are the face of fashion and they get paid to wear fashion-forward things, it's almost like our fashion comes from them." “Celebrity endorsement is one of the most trendy form of Marketing used to promote a range of consumer products and services The use of celebrities for viable purposes is not a one-way process, however, as celebrities are becoming brands in their own right, with their own valuesexisting in theminds of their audience in a similar way to corporate andconsumer brands (Seno and Lukas, 2007).” “Research has found that celebrities are more effective than other types of endorsers, such as “the professional expert”, “the company manager”, or “the typical consumer” (Friedman and Friedman, 1979)." “In fact, about 25 percent of all television commercials are now using celebrity endorsers to promote brands (Erdogan, et al., 2001), and about 10 percent of advertisers’ budgets are being used to pay for these endorsers (Agrawal and Kamakura,1995).In 2006, US retailers spent an estimated two to three billion dollars on celebrity advertising and endorsement.” The main purpose of this study is to explore the relationship of celebrity endorsement and their impact on students. Literature Review

Students are the major target market of most organizations because they have a great influence on their parents spending pattern. Children are becoming patron at younger and younger age, variety of influences shape their buying behaviors. According to Ritson&Elliot(1999) as children become teenager advertising serve as a basis for social interaction. Parents try to transfer their buying behavior among their children such as sense of quality, price etc. teenagers tend to be picky and...
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