Effect of Cdf in Wundanyi

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Chapter One
1.0 Introduction

1. Background

In 2003, the then NARC government initiated the Constituency Development Fund in a bid to ensure that funds from the central government trickled down to the grassroots. Over the years, millions upon millions of shillings have been utilized to initiate numerous projects throughout the country. One of the constituency where a number of projects have been initiated is Wundanyi. The constituency is located in Taita-Taveta County of Coast Province, and hosts the headquarters of the county.

2. Statement of the problem

A great many of the development projects initiated at the local community levels end up not seeing the completion stage, or taking a very long time to be completed and are usually in excess of the budget allocated. The factors that contribute to this state may be many and greatly varied, but most of these issues are solvable, only if people are willing to look into the factors surrounding the projects problems and analyze them critically. The main focus will be to identify the problems that ail the management of projects initiated by the CDF.

3. Purpose of the study

The purpose of this study is therefore to identify the causes of theses problem and to find out ways of minimizing their effect.

4. Objectives

From the foregoing, the objectives of the study will be as follows:-

a) To find out the number of projects initiated in the division in the last year through the CDF.

b) To find out the number of projects successfully completed.

c) To identify the challenges encountered while carrying out the projects.

d) To suggest ways to overcome the challenges encountered to prevent recurrence of the same.

1.5 Research Questions

From the objectives stated above some of the questions that the researcher would seek to be answered in the study are as follows:-

• How many projects have been initiated through CDF in the division?

• How many projects have been completed in the last one year?

• What challenges were encountered while carrying out the projects?

• How can the challenges identified be overcome?

1.6 Significance of the study

In the process of carrying out this research, several benefits will be realized not only to the researcher but also to the CDF management team.

To the researcher, he will not only get to fulfill part of the requirement for his Diploma in Project management, but he will also gain knowledge and improve his research skills.

To Kenya Institute of Management, the research will add to the library of knowledge already existing, providing information to other students who would be interested.

To the management of CDF Wundanyi, the study will reveal several issues that have affected the way projects have been carried out, the challenges faced and will suggest ways to overcome these challenges.

To future researchers in the same field, the study will provide information and knowledge as a source of primary information and also be a reference point for their studies.

1.7 Limitations of the study

Some of the key limitations of this study will be to obtain information e.g. the budgeting techniques. These may be constituted as local government records and getting access to them might prove to be a challenge.

Also the issue of secrecy might be a limitation; to get the respondents to freely give information about the planning structures may prove to be a challenge due to the sensitive nature of the CDF funds.

Another limitation may arise due to the political overtures present in the CDF. This research may be mistaken to have political undertones, and this will make obtaining information a lot harder.

1.8 Scope of the study

The scope of this study is concentrated principally in the management of the development projects initiated and the challenges faced. The study will randomly select projects undertaken in Wundanyi division. The study will take seven months as shown...
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