Effect of Cbo on Econonic Development of a Country

Topics: Community organization, Local Government Areas of Nigeria, Local government Pages: 32 (9712 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Pressure on community infrastructures have been accentuated by the parallel modernization of urban economics and the marginalization of rural economy. These have often led to the concentration of rural migrants into urban areas without facilities for survival (Masoni, 1985). In response to these pressures, urban communities have sought relief by providing certain facilities/infrastructures for themselves through self-help programmes and Community Based Organizations. In most developing countries of the world, increase in level of income, social and educational awareness have created new standards of living, which have led to enhanced level of social standard of living. As these nations grew in size, the provision of houses has become more costly; there are new problems of health, safety and communications, which create the needs for sewer, drainage, water pipes, roads, etc. Usually, a community is defined as a geographic unit; that is, a group of people living in the same area, such as a village, a town or an urban neighborhood. In most cases, however, communities articulate their needs, seek finances and execute their projects through the assistance of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and especially those of the Community Based Organization (CBOs) or their affiliates. In Nigeria, the provision of basic infrastructural facilities has not kept pace with the rapidly growing urban population (Agbola, 2004). The inadequacy of government to make provision in respect to the growing population has led to the adoption of self – governing techniques by the people through collective action known as Community Based Organizations, which arises as a result of the need of the people to be met. Here, people organize themselves based on appropriate institutional arrangement; mutual agreement and shared understanding to plan and execute public goods and services that directly touch their lives (Ostrom, 1990).Participation is seen as developmental, educative and integrative and as a means of protecting freedom (Robert, 2004). Since the main assumptions of community participation is that local residents will be more supportive of the projects and therefore increase the likelihood of its success. Ibadan is a large city in Oyo State of Nigeria. Most parts of the city lack adequate basic infrastructural facilities due to the inability of government in meeting the socio-economic pursuit of citizens. This has been recognized as one of the reasons behind the propagation of Community Based Organizations (CBOs) in the new millennium. In view of the above, this study therefore aims at evaluating the roles of Community Based Organizations (CBOs) as agent of development using Egbeda as a case study.

Much literature exists on the study of Community Based Organizations-their roles, constitutions and challenges. This study aimed at stimulating the roles of Governance in NGOs in Nigeria and impact in value creation in the communities. He asserted that Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) play an important role in the development of the civil society and in local economic development as recognized in developing countries in a few past decades.

Aiyenigba (1992) and Okoye (1987) studies focused essentially on rural areas and rural development. Their studies indicated that there was complete absence of social service infrastructure in the development schemes of NGOs, which touch directly on the welfare of the rural dwellers. The reasons for this were as a result of the NGOs’ conception of rural development as the provision of recreational services solely for comfort of rural based weekenders, the lack of guidance offered by the government to the organizations in the most rational use of their resources and the non realization that the welfare of the permanent resident population of rural areas is central to the concept and process of rural development(Okoye, 1987).Toyobo and Muili (2008)...
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