Effect of Agitation on Youth

Topics: Kashmir, Jammu and Kashmir, Syed Ali Shah Geelani Pages: 5 (2002 words) Published: July 17, 2011
1.The problem in J&K has been continuing since 1947 itself. However, it was only after the shameful loss of Pakistan in 1971 war that it started perpetrating terrorism in Kashmir. It was during late eighties and early nineties that a fully planned propaganda by the some trts org backed by the ISI misled the Kashmiri people especially the youth about the Islam, Jehad and freedom of Kashmir. A lot of young boys coupled with poverty unemployment and illiteracy fled to POK to join trt org. The trouble for future generations of the Kashmiri people had raised its head at that time itself.

2.2010 witnessed the longest agitation in the history of the Kashmir valley triggered by some small incidents. This was led by separatist leaders and supported by trt org. In the beginning, even the Hurriyat ldrs would not have realized that this mov will become such a huge agitation. 3.The participation by the young generation in this agitation made it more significant. Edn institutes were forced to close down which never happened earlier for such a long time. This led to children sitting at home and some of them participating in protests and stone pelting. 4.The young children were witnessing rage on the streets and frustration at home. Some joined the protests, egged on by peers and adults who urged them to be part of the struggle for 'azadi' (freedom), telling them that education can wait for now. Others resisted the pull and pressure and stayed safe at home, but with nothing to do and nowhere to go. Children in the valley remained at home for such a long time unable to attend classes due to a cycle of shutdown calls given by the separatists and curfew orders imposed by the administration. 5.Teachers told them to study at home, as the exams will be held on schedule at the end of the semester, regardless of whether classes are held or not. Some schools have uploaded tutorials on the web and the students were trying to study the material on their own. But, not everybody has access to the Internet in the nine districts of Kashmir. The Delhi Public School of Srinagar had flown over a hundred children to one of their Delhi branches to complete their summer semester. The school is tightlipped about the identity of the children in order to protect them. 6.However, the poor had nowhere to go. The poor and the middle class families and their children were most affected. Some people appealed to separatist ldrs and the government to spare a thought to the children of poor and middle class families who cannot afford to leave their homes and study elsewhere. Young children were sitting at home and their future was at stake. Week after week they lived in hope that violence will end and normalcy will resume. Even during the Ramadan month there was no respite. How long can the children stay away from schools? What future do they have, just waiting? 7.Some believe separatist leaders like Dukhtaran-e-Millat chief Asiya Andrabi and Hurriyat leaders like Syed Ali Shah Geelani and Masrat Alam, who tell them that they are the promised generation, who will deliver to the Kashmiris, freedom from Indian rule; a promise that had been made twenty years ago, which has also led nowhere.Masrat Alam, who is a separatist living in hiding, said in a statement to the local KNS: "To get education is everybody's wish. But what is the importance of the education in a place where there is a dark future, and, where, students like Tufail Matto are being killed." 8.At the alter of his personal ambition of succeeding Syed Ali Shah Geelani of the Hurriyat, Alam will lay to rest many young futures without any sense of guilt. Why guilt, there is euphoria in the speeches that are made in darkened rooms and uploaded onto the internet. And then, there Asiya Andrabi, chairman of the hardline 'Dukhtarane Millat', who had to face embarrassment when news broke that her son, Mohammad bin Qasim, has applied to study in Malaysia, while she was advocating...
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