Effctive Communicatio P6 M3 D2

Topics: Nonverbal communication, Language, Sociology Pages: 2 (492 words) Published: February 5, 2013
The whole class took part in group interaction on 14.05.2012. We were debating whether a obese child should go into care or stay with his mother, the class was split in half, one side was for taking him into care and the other was against. Verbal communication-

The feedback that was given by my teacher and fellow class mate. My strength was that I had clear communication and I was sharing my opinion and making sure I was being herd and also making sure that what I did say was very effect. My weaknesses was that I wasn’t giving other people the chance to say their opinion and talking above others and not listening or giving them a chance to back up what they say because I started arguing with them. I think others found me a little intimidating and bossy.

Suggestions for improvement-
Being able to give others the chance to voice their opinions and not talk above them and not get angry when someone says something I don’t like. I need to maintain my anger and express it in a calm way. I could also try not to be so dominant and aggressive when speaking.

Non- verbal communication

Strengths- Body language was positive I had good eye contact when my teacher when she was speaking. I also had a lot of hand movements so I was able to express myself. My weakness was that My body language may seem a bit dismissive when it come to my class mates speaking and it may seem like I was not interested because I had my arms crossed which gave negative body language. What I need to improve on are the ability to let others speak and listen to them and acknowledge their opinions and not be so dismissive and also realise that even though I don’t know I am doing it but realising I give off negative body language.

I need to improve on my listening skills because when it comes to choosing a career in a health and social care setting I am going to have to be able to have good listening skills and good communication skills to be able to do my job right, because...
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