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By | September 2012
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Activity 1
SWOT analysis


[pic] Tiago Perez

1. Create a group of 2 or 3 students, which will remain the same until the end of the project.

For the upcoming activities in this course, I will be working by myself due to the large amount of work that I have on a daily basis, I do not pretend to compromise the development and final results in this course, hopefully it could be a understandable and acceptable circumstance.

2. Choose an existing Company and select one of its products or services. It can be a product/service to be exported or imported. The company size is not important but it has to be an existing company.

For this activity, I decided to choose one of my favorite companies in the world DUNKIN DONUTS, my strategy is to bring this successful company to Mexico City.

3. Select a country to commercialize the product or service. It has to be different to the origin country of the company. [pic]

For this activity I choose Mexico, because it has a great potential in this kind of market, fast-food is a tendency in Mexico City because its citizens have no time to eat, it´s a huge city and we need more options in the fast-food industry.

4. Do a SWOT analysis for the company and for the selected product.

|Strengths |Weaknesses | | | | |1. Dunkin’ Donuts has a reputation for brewing high quality |1. Dunkin’ Donuts uses media to advertise while Krispy Kreme has | |coffee for more than five decades |never spent any money on advertising. | |2. Dunkin’ Donuts is America’s largest retailer of |2. Health...

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