Efects of Negitve Advertisment

Topics: Emotion, Plastic surgery, Surgery Pages: 4 (1363 words) Published: March 17, 2013
The Effects of Negative Advertising on Young Adults
Ahja Price
Professor J. Endicott
February 24, 2005

Body image is a dynamic perception of one’s body. We measure success on how we look and the standards of how society sees us. We determine whether we are good enough through our body image. Internet sites, magazines and commercial ads influence young adult minds to think there to short or to tall, to dark or to light, and most of all to fat or to skinny. In the world today body image defines you as an individual. It has our young adults thinking happiness comes from a perfect face or a make believe body, more so than how you feel inside. Given the rapid increase in plastic surgery a perfect body image in young adults have become worldwide. So we need to stop promoting that your imperfections can be turned into perfections by surgery or even losing or gaining weight. Because it can be harmful to our young adults and can sometimes lead to death depending on your age, health, or sustainability. Commercial ads need to stop focusing on body image and start relying on what’s within to exude happiness.

From the time that I can remember my mother side of the family, would tell me to stop eating as much because if I didn’t I was going to be fat just like my father side of the family. In fact, it was something they drilled in my head my entire life. When I got a little older I didn’t think too much of it. But, as I began high school I started being conscience of my weight. For a couple of years I started to make a difference between fat and skinny. When realistically what is fat and skinny? Just because a person is bigger or smaller than another person doesn’t mean they should be labeled as fat or skinny. Most boys and girls are raised just as I was. It’s not just the parents to blame for young adults feeling pressure to look a certain way. In this case the media and society is to blame as well. Because of the lack of concern when they become young women...
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