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1.Vast rural market0.1320.2630.3940.5220.2620.26 2.Rising Income Level0.1640.6430.4830.4820.3220.32 3.Growth rate of industry0.1430.4230.4220.2830.4220.28 4.Increase Population0.1640.6430.4830.4820.3220.32

1.Ready made food product0.1540.6030.4520.3030.4530.45 2.Fluctuation in price of raw material0.1440.5630.4230.4220.2820.28 3.Difficulty to keep pace with customer expectation 0.1230.3640.4820.2420.2430.36

Opportunities means that those area or those factors that give profit to our business .They can be those field where our industry must work more and capture the market .fast food industry is now a day’s most growing in India .Young generation are most attracted to these fast food rest.

1)Vast rural market
Rural India accounts for approx. 70 per cent of the Indian population. The working rural population is approximately 400 Millions. And an average citizen in rural India has less then half of the purchasing power as compare to his urban counterpart. Still there is an untapped market and the Companies have to take different steps to capture rural market share.

Mc Donald
Mc Donald is having only 120 outlets in India .Its distribution channel is not so good so it not covers the rural market in India. For example in Rajasthan in jaipur it have only 3 outlet and in Udaipur it have only 1 outlet .This show it does not cover rural market and it not taking more advantage of this opportunity.

Pizza hut
Pizza hut is having approx 110 outlet .This show it doesn’t not have good distribution channel but its home delivery service try cover rural market . In India most of the population is rural but it is not cover by them.

Cafe coffee day
Cafe coffee day give its full attention toward rural market. Total outlet of cafe coffee day in India 1125. This show it always try cover rural market in india . It try to give best service to its customer with reasonable price . Its take best advantage of this Opportunities .It specialy for young generation and it always try to cover rural market.

Dominos is having around 300 outlet in india. It is planning for some more outlet in india . It show that it is giving its attention toward rural market .it is popular for its home delivery service in 30 min .The product price of dominos is also reasonable but rural customer are willing to pay but they are not getting feasible options.

Barista is having a good distribution channel in india but all there outlets are in urban area like in metro cities or in many city. Barista is not making more attention on rural market. The product prize of barista is very high which is not affordable by all and the feasibility of it is also not so high .This show it is not making much more attention

2)Rising income level
In India the income of per person is increasing at a high range. In 2009 -20010 it was around Rs.46492.and now a days it is increase by Rs.54527 in 2010-2011. Income of per person effect a lot to our business .If people have money in there pocket they can invest it which is profitable for our business . The country's per capita income has doubled over the last seven years to Rs 37490 in 2008-09, reflecting improvement in the living standards of an average Indian. Per capita income, according to advance estimates for national income , is expected to grow by 14.4 per cent during the current fiscal (2009-2010) •In 2002-03 the Per Capita Income in India was Rs 19040.

In 2003-04 the Per Capita Income in India was Rs 20989.
In 2004-05 the Per Capita Income in India was Rs 23241. •In 2008-2009 the Per Capita Income in India was Rs 37490. As per capita income of people are increasing their purchasing power is also...
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