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By | October 2012
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What Lies Within a Man
If the average citizen was a CEO in a multi-billionaire company and he had an opportunity to increase his worker’s work time by two-folds to also increase his profits by two-folds, he would care for his profits than his workers. If he were an owner to his family-owned restaurant and he also had the same chance to increase work time by two-folds to also increase his profits by two-folds, he wouldn’t do it rather than if he were CEO. In the novel, Lord of the Flies by William Golding, a group of kids were stranded on an island as a result of a huge war that was going on. The characteristics of the children change dramatically throughout the novel; the dramatic change is very closely related to how countries behave in a time of world war. In his book, Lord of the Flies, Golding relates the civilization vs. savagery and the hunger for power and the beast within the characters, to the actual world during the Cold War. Civilization vs. savagery is an important theme in Lord of the Flies. Jack Merridew, one of the school boys stranded on the island, throughout the novel tries to gain power from all the other school boys on the island for his selfish needs. On the other hand, Ralph, who is another school boy stranded on the island, was dubbed the Tribal Chief from the children on the island so he can focus on trying to get them rescued by making fire to send smoke signals to the skies. “This meeting must not be fun,” says Ralph to Jack as he was trying to maintain order over the younger kids “but business…” (Golding, 76) showing that Ralph is more focused on getting rescued and getting back to civilization than having fun. On the other hand, “Listen, all of you,” states jack as a way of getting more people to his side “me and my hunters, we’re living along the beach by a flat rock. We hunt and feast and have fun.” (Golding, 140). Jack clearly shows that he does not care about getting rescues as long as they are having fun on the island....

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