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A Life Without Eeyore
In Whinnie the Pooh if Eeyore were to be taken out of the story it would not be the same. Even though he is a minor character in the story he is still very important. Eeyore has something no other characters in the book have.

In one chapter there is a story where Eeyore loses his tail. In this story Pooh goes looking for his tail and finds that owl had been using it as a doorbell. This story is a very interesting addition to the book and shows Eeyore's personality through it. In a story book like this one every story is important with tying the whole book together while keeping the reader interested

Another interesting story about Eeyore was set on his birthday. In the story it seems as though everyone forgot about his birthday. This made Eeyore even more sad then he usually is. Pooh found out it was his birthday and he and Piglet each got him a present. However, both of their presents got ruined by the time they got to Eeyore. In the end Christopher Robin came through and had a surprise for Eeyore. I think this was a very important part of the story it showed how Christopher Robin played an important role and how everyone was like a big family. The story would not be the same without it.

Out of all the characters in Whinnie the Pooh, Eeyore has the most unique personality. He has a somewhat dry personality with a sad depressed cover whereas the other characters have a more happy, easy-going attitude.. These different characteristics give the story a much bigger variety. Without Eeyore there would be no twist to the story, no one different and much less variety.

As you can see, even though Eeyore is a minor character in the story he is still an important part of the story. Without Eeyore the story just would not be the same. Eeyore adds variety and personality and keeps the story interesting. He does this by adding something different that people can relate to because people are not happy all the time.
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