Eesay Saving Sourdi

Topics: Family, Thought, Human Pages: 2 (722 words) Published: September 30, 2010
“Saving Sourdi” by May-Lee Chai
In “Saving Sourdi” the protagonist Nea impacts the story with her personality. She is a caring and straightforward person. Sometimes she seemed selfish because it seemed that she wanted her sister all to herself. As the story progresses it shows that Nea was just trying to make sure her sister was happy. Nea has a strong character. Certain situations in her life have made her strong. She gets to see as the bond with her sister loosens and she cannot do anything about it. She is caring and protective. At the beginning of the story she defends Sourdi when a guy was harassing her. She stabs him and she did not care about the consequences, all she cared about was her sister. Her protectiveness leads her to almost kill a person she barely even knew. She was so young and naive that she made a lot of mistakes. She did not take her time to think about what she was about to do. Her fury just makes her jump into an impulsive decision. Also she is stubborn because her mother asks her to apologize she refuses to do it and even after her mom slaps her she does not do it. Nea has a great bond with her sister. She tries to keep the same bond throughout the story. She is selfish because she wants her sister all to herself. She is not happy when Sourdi goes out with Duke because she is scared that someone will take Sourdi away from her. That is one of the reasons she does not like Mr. Chhay because he married Sourdi and they moved away so Nea barely saw her sister. Nea is very controlling. She expected things to go the way they were when Sourdi and she were little. Her life is so complicated; at her young age she has seen a lot that has just confused her. She never understood why her sister married such an old guy. Sourdi was unhappy with her arranged marriage but she never tried to do anything about. Nea was more concerned about it and she voices her opinion to her mother, who does not listen to what she is saying. No one ever took the time to...
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