Eeg 3 Assignment

Topics: England, United Kingdom, English language Pages: 2 (505 words) Published: February 20, 2011
Bachelor's Degree Programme
(For July 2010 and January 2011 sessions)
Comm rcnication Skills in English
Elective Course in English - 03
School of Humanities
Indira Gandhi National Open University
Maidan Garhi, New Delhi - 1 10 068
Elective Course in English (EEG 03)
Communication Skills in English
Programme: BDP
Course Code: EEC-03
I lcrcwith is an assignment for you. Through this assignment we would help you in assessing your progress in the studq ofthis course.
I3cli)r.c attempting the assignment read the directions given below: I. In this assignment two kinds of questions have been asked. 'I'he first. such as I (b) and 5 arc based on the materials presented in the units and the second are questions that test your communication skills -- such as I(a), 2. 3, and 4. The first kind of questions test your comprchcnsion of the materials prcscntcd in the units. 'l'hc second kind will test your ability to creatively apply them in real life situation. 'l'hc aim ol'this coi~rscis to enable you to use the English language in real life situations dlkctivcly and creativclq. Most ofthe questions are o f the second kind, as they will help y o ~toi use English. 2. Rend the units carefully in order to answer the first type of'questions. You must also read ncwspnpcr.\ and ~iiaqn/incs. And also listen to the English news broadcasts on the radio and watch the ne\s lcleca\ls on the I V. I'hcse will help you in gaining proticiency in spoken Ikglish. 3 . Kcop the purity of'your language and readability of your answer in mind if yo11 wish to pet a high grade. While uritinp the assignment keep the following in mind:

I ) Kcad the detailed instructions on assignments given in the Programme Guide for the Elective Courses. 2) Write qour name. enrolment number, full address and date on the top right-hand-corner ol')our nn\rcr \hect(s).

3) M'ritc the Course I'itle, Assignment Number and the name of the Study Ccntrc you are attached to on Elective...
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