Topics: Radcliffe College, Helen Keller, Learning Pages: 2 (387 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Bio Historical Poem:
Dedicated, successful, understanding, eager
Daughter of Captain Arthur and Kate Keller
Lover of animals, education, traveling
Who felt frustrated, alone, ambitious
Who needed patience from Anne, acceptance, serenity
Who gave love to blind WWII soldiers, inspiration to the handicapped, speeches Who feared seclusion, living a dreary life, not being educated Who wanted to see respect for every person despite their differences, quality education for the blind, every continent on the earth Resident of Alabama


When I first started to research about Helen Keller, it seemed like I would never find anything that I had in common with her. She was strong-willed, deaf, blind and an activist. As I started to dig deeper however, I realized that we did have a few similarities. First of all, we are both animal lovers. As a child, Helen would love to play for hours with her dog, which at times was her only friend. After she learned how to use her hands to talk, she would spell out words in her dog’s paw to help her practice. Another thing is that I am not a quitter, and neither is Helen. She could have easily given up any time she started to struggle, but she didn’t. In my life I will seldom start something and then quit. I like to follow through with any activity I do. Helen Keller also became an author and adored writing numerous books, poems and speeches. While I am not an author, I have enjoyed writing stories since I was in grade school. As it turns out, Helen Keller and I shared a few similarities.

Greatest Person Poem:
Helen Keller you were inspiring.
You were an avid learner and a goal setter.
You were helpful, and you never stopped trying.
How I exclaimed with enthusiasm
When you discovered how to “speak” at the water pump.
Then you persevered through Radcliffe College and earned your bachelor’s degree. Saying, “I am no different than anyone else!”

You were ambitious, Helen Keller.
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