Eed 465 Curriculum Social Studies

Topics: United States, Civilization, Thirteen Colonies Pages: 3 (1037 words) Published: January 7, 2013
Interview and Standards Investigations

As I read and thought about the Social Studies Standards, I considered looking into the standards for First grade. I think that children in this grade level are at a good age to better understand Social Studies. I do realize that teaching Social Studies starts from pre-school however it can be further be understood by older aged students. The topics that are covered according to the Standards first grade should introduce settlements and cultures, civilizations, and different places around the world. In the standards for first grade there are five strands. In the first strand covered in the standards introduces the students to American History. It uses several concepts research skills for History, Early Civilizations, Explorations and Colonization, Post war United States, and Contemporary United States. For the first strand that deals with American History what is being taught, is the importance of life events and the order of which they appear within a timeline. They retell stories that inform the students of such events, people, and places within the time frame by using pictures, maps, historical items, etc. Students are also expected to learn about the beginning of civilizations. The students are to be taught to recognize and identify the farming means that were required by certain groups of people to settle at one particular place. The students are also expected to learn about the farming history and communication. The students are also taught about Native Americans and the Spanish. The students are introduces to such topics as Christopher Columbus discovering land, the exchange of goods, etc. The students also need to be taught about the Pilgrims, the first Thanksgiving, and what it contributed to us celebrating Thanksgiving Day. Students in the grade level need to learn that the United States began as 13 colonies that were ruled by England. The students compare and contrast the way of living from the colonial...
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