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“What is the difference between classical and quantum physics and why classical physics does not work on quantum level particles?” First of all what is classical and quantum physics, Classical physics is the physics of the world we see around us; classical physics is the physics of the objects that we can feel or see. Quantum physics starts when every thing gets as small as (the size), quantum physics tells use about the behaviors and interaction of subatomic particles and more about quantum physics will be uncovered in this essay. I have always been fascinated by quantum physics, how it is so different to the world we see and that there is so little we can relate between each other, The laws of physics changes dramatically when you change to quantum states. It is like it is another world, a different dimension. I will be looking at the differences and similarities of classical and quantum energies of different objects. This will be done by looking at the total energy of objects from a bowling ball to a electron, to calculate the total energy of these objects I will be using the classical physics formula for total energy of an object (E=12mv2+mgh) and Schrödinger’s equation HΨ=EΨ. I believe that the question that I will be researching will give me a good introduction to quantum physics and by using Schrödinger’s equation will also give me a better understanding of quantum physics, Schrödinger’s equation is one of the fundamental equations of quantum physics. Quantum physics has become something that we use more and more in technology now a day. Quantum physics is being used in (list of things quantum physics is used in) but still there is so little we now about it, so think of all the possibilities that we could create or do once we have a better understanding of this magical world of the quantum world. For this reason alone I think that to start looking and understanding this complex subject is more than worthy to be written about in this fabulous essay. When physicists started looking into smaller and smaller objects, I am talking about Nanometers small, their results just did not add up they were not getting the results they wanted. The formulas they knew were just not working, something had to change and that change gave birth to quantum physics.

Background Information:
Classical physics is the physics of the things we see and feel around us. Classical physics tells use about the behaviors of objects with size far greater than 10-9m and traveling at speed far less than 3×108m/s. Classical physics acts and behaves according to Newton’s three laws. For example an object is freefalling and it loses potential energy as it accelerates 9.8m/s-2 to earth and the skydiver gains kinetic energy as its velocity increases and the amount of force is produced as it hits the ground and the amount of heat it gives of on impact.

Quantum physics is the physics of the quantum world, subatomic particles. Quantum physics tells use about the behaviors of objects with size 10-9m and smaller. Quantum physics act and behave under different laws then the common Newton’s three laws. We do not know exactly what laws quantum physics obey; we are still very unfamiliar with the laws of quantum physics. The double slit experiment is a good example of the strangeness of quantum physics. The double slit experiment is done by shooting electrons one by one through two slits in a wall and then record where the electron hits on the other side of the wall using a pressure sensor wall. Picture showing setup of double slit experiment

If we shoot a particle through the two slits, it will go through any of the two slits and hit the sensor wall at any of the two spots. Picture showing a particle going through the two slits
If wave, water wave, were to go through the two slits, it would go through both slits at the same time and due to the wave characteristics it would diffract causing to hit a wider area of...
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