Edward Teller: CNN Interview

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  • Published : October 26, 2010
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"What we should have learned is that the world is small, that peace is important and that cooperation in science... could contribute to peace. Nuclear weapons, in a peaceful world, will have a limited importance." Edward Teller in CNN interview [1]

Edward teller is a popular theoretical physicist, practically known as “the father of hydrogen bomb,” was a Hungarian-born American. He was born during January 15, 1908 and died during September 9, 2003. Teller immigrated to the United States in the 1930s, and was an early member of the Manhattan Project charged with developing the first atomic bombs. The Manhattan project was held at the fledgling Los Alamos National Laboratory and Teller eventually became the assistant director for the project. During this time he made serious push to develop the first fusion-based weapons as well. From 1949-50, he concentrated on the hydrogen bomb and contributing to the decision to make the thermonuclear reaction major part of the U.S defence system. However, Teller was often ostracized by much of the scientific community. His continuation of looking for support from the U.S government and the military research establishment has earn the support from them, particularly for his advocacy for nuclear energy development, a strong nuclear arsenal and a vigorous nuclear testing program [2]. His advocacy of competition in the national interest to ensure excellence in nuclear developments led to creation of the Livermore site of what was then called the University of California Radiation Laboratory in 1952, now the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory [3]. Teller served as Laboratory Director at Livermore for two years during the late 1950s and thereafter as Associated Director for physics until his retirement in 1975. In the same year, he was named as the Director Emeritus of the Lab as was appointed as Senior Research Fellow at the Hoover institution, positions he held until his death at the age of 95 years old [3]. Over the course of his life, Teller was known both for his scientific ability and also his weird interpersonal relations and volatile personality and has always been considered to be one of the famous people with unique characteristics.

During 1908, Edward Teller was born in Budapest, Hungary, a predominantly German language and culture. Edward was only ten when the First World War was brought to an end. He was born to Jewish parents Max and Ilona Teller. The tellers were an upper middle class family due to Edward’s father being a lawyer. Edward also has a sister who was twenty months older than Edward, who named as Emmi. Until Edward was four he showed several signs of being exceptionally intelligent in fact there was a few concern that he may lack even normal intelligence. At the age of four, Edward began to speak in full sentences and show great promise. Besides, he was able to calculate and solve multiplication problems when he was only six years old. He soon also showed great understanding on musical instrument, especially the piano. There were times that people were assuming his future would end up being a promising pianist, something he would enjoy throughout his life time. By the age of seventeen, young Edward had found the young woman whom he would love. The woman was a sixteen year old named Augusta Maria who has a nicknamed called Mici, who was the sister of a close friend Edward Harkanyi. On February 26, 1934, both of them were married in a civil ceremony. Teller’s education has begun at the age of six at the Melling School. He displayed major curiosity and eccentricity very much like Thomas Elva Edison during his primary schooling time and always led to awkwardness in class. However, his early schooling life has always been disrupted by political problems within the new nation. In 1926, Teller moved to Karlsruhe, Germany to continue his tertiary education and he studied chemical engineering [4]. During his studies, he became increasingly interested in the new...
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