"Edward Scissorhands" Tim Burton What techniques does Burton use? How does this text relate to journeys?

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  • Published: April 25, 2004
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What type of and what journeys are undertaken in the film Edward Scissor hands by Tim Burton?

The movie takes place in an entirely artificial world, where a Gothic castle crouches on a mountain top high above a story book suburb with a goofy neighbourhood where all of the houses are shades of pastels and all of the inhabitants seem to be emotional clones of the jetsons.

Edward's Journey

The main character, Edward goes on a major journey. From the beginning of the film we see scenes depicting how it feels if you are different and are amongst people who fit neatly into societies accepted roles. Edward is looking for love and understanding, which is something that you long for. He has been taken from his comfort zone to a more populated and somewhat scary environment. Edwards journey is learning how to trust, and how to fully understand that people with differences are sometimes better off alone.

Taken from his comfort zone and being put into a busy and noisy neighbourhood, Edward realises that there is going to be major changes in his life in order for him to adapt to his new environment and new ways of living. He is an outcast, trying to find his place in a world in which he does not belong.

He has significant differences in his appearance to the everyday person with 5 fingers and toes, instead he has sharp scissors as hands and an ashen white complexion. Burton uses this as a prop for discrimination, and that's exactly what Edward gets. He knows he is different physically but wants to show people that he can love and he does have feelings and its whats on the inside of a person that really counts, and this is what Kim saw in Edward.

Whilst Edward helps Pegg chop the lettuce for the barbeque, he see's Pegg open a can of bettroot. He experiences a flash back that takes the ausience on a journey through an old lab or factory. The inventorappears and marvels at his cookie machine. He picks up a cookie in the shape of a heart and holds it up to the chest of a robbot that has scissors for hands and is chopping lettuce. This shows Edwards inner journey so far, having been giving feelings and a heart. Burton gives the suggestionthat these inner qualities are more important than hands.

Edwards Inventor died before he gave Edward his hands. When Edward see's a photo of Kim his eyes light up with intense feelings. Upon meeting Kim, it was evident that their would be a connection between the two characters, and a romantic journey would soon be on the way.

Kim's Journey

Kim is Pegg Boggs daughter who is going out with a dead beat called Jim. Kim acted as most teenagers would if they came home to find that there was a strange young man with scissors for hands sleeping in their bed. At first she makes fun of Edward and uses him unwillingly to break into her obnoxious boyfriend's house.

Soon after this event Kim begins to see Edwards beauty and uniqueness in comparison to the people she is surrounded by everyday. Kim goes on a an inner journey of self discovery and learns a valuable lesson of life in general, that being that it doesn't matter if the person is back white or blue you accept them for who they are on the inside, and that's all that matters. She has full acceptance of differences and believes in Edward.

The Community

However the Neighbourhood's journey is motivated by how they can use Edward Physically. They learn to accept him because he can be useful to them. At First they were unsure, but when they saw him as an object for their own fulfilment, they were quick to accept his peculiar yet useful appearance

There is one character in the film who lives next door to the Boggs family, She is a very religious women and tries to get the neighbourhood to watch out for Edward, and that he is a message sent from Satan, and he is no good. At First this didn't seem to worry the neighbourhood, but perhaps on the inside they were very cautious of his difference to the norm society.

But not everyone...
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