Edward Scissorhands Close Scene Analysis

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  • Published : August 14, 2012
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In this shot we see the mysterious character always accompanied by ominous music (non-diegetic sound). Mid shot of the main group of characters contrasts the long shot of the character in purple. The door frame also frames this character. In combination, these film techniques reveal a mysterious character and mood within the beginning 20 minutes of the movie. This suggests/foreshadows to the viewers/audience that this character may have a dark/negative impact on the story as a whole (in particular Edward Scissorhands).



Group 1
One technique used in this scene to set the atmosphere or create tension is a close-up. Example ( An example of this is when the two main characters are talking through their headsets to each other while flying towards the alien ship. We see the close-up of their faces in order to show their emotions prior to the seeing the alien ship for the first time. Their emotions show shock in response to the shire size of their enemy. The effect of the viewer seeing their faces close-up foreshadows intensity and gives the impression that something bad is about to happen.

Group 2
The composer uses a point of view in this scene/clip to show the audience the perspective and emotions of the fighter pilot. We see the alien ship through the pilot’s windshield and get a clear picture of its vastness and size. This creates an effect of melancholy, intensity and anxiety for both the characters and viewers/audience.
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