Edward Scissorhands and the Cay

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  • Published : May 27, 2013
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Adversity, it is some sort of obstacle put in front of you in life that you have to overcome. A good example of adversity is in a book written by author Theodore Taylor called The Cay. It is about a young white boy named Phillip and a black man named Timothy and they are in the middle of World War 2 with America, Australia, Curacao and Great Brittan against Germany. They want to leave Curacao so they get onto a ship that is taking them to Miami but it is bombed on the way. As a result of this Timothy and Phillip meet because they happen to get on the same raft that leads them to the small Cay. Some of the adversities that are overcome are dealing with Phillip going blind, being shipwrecked and prejudice. Getting along, working as a team and most importantly a friendship help overcome these adversities. The second example of adversity is in a film called No Limbs, No Limits. This is about a man called Nick Vujicic who was born with no limbs. After seeing the film you will always remember Nick as it is one story that will blow your mind. This 25 year old man is overcoming every obstacle that life puts in front of him. Some of the obstacles that he and his family have to overcome are having to accept Nick for who he is and having to change the way that they will live forever. Striving for what he wants helps overcome this and Nick does it with determination and family encouraging him to do his best always. The Cay: They have been shipwrecked on the island for a few days and it is starting to get hard. They are running low on supplies which mean that they have to go and hunt for food. With Phillip being blind it makes it very difficult because Timothy who is quite old has to do the hunting in order for them to survive. What kept them alive and the way they got through everything in the story was by supporting each other, growing a friendship and Timothy’s knowledge due to his age. At one point in the book Timothy and Phillip found a coconut tree. With Timothy being...