Edward Hopper

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  • Published : August 27, 2011
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Sara Ford
Mrs. Church, 5th
may 1st, 2011
The Artist
A. Edward Hopper
1. Birthdate:
Edward hopper was born July 22nd 1882
2. Place (be specific – city, country, home? etc.):
Born in upper Nyack, New York near the Hudson River.
3. Who was in power in their country at their birth/ during their life? How did the political and/ or social structure affect the life of this artist? Chester A. Arthur was in power when Edward Hopper was born, so his influence wasn’t really great. During Edward Hopper’s life frame World War two was going on, but he was in a medium class family. 4. When and where did this artist die? Explain the circumstances that led to their death. He died May 15th 1967 and the cause of death is unknown. He died in his study in New York, New York. B. Family life and childhood

1. Describe his/ her childhood including siblings, significant and/ or interesting things about the family life of this artist: Edward Hopper had one sister, named Marion. He went to a public and a private school. His parents were Baptist, and he was raised that way. His household was dominated by women. He enjoyed the solitary pleasure of reading and drawing. When he drew self-images, he presented himself as ungrateful and lonely. 2. What/ who inspired the artist? How did they become an artist? (Was it a family member or friend, another artist, a philosophy, etc.?) When Edward was young, he showed talent and his mom encouraged him to embrace that talent. At an early age, he already showed interest in art. 3. How did the artist learn their craft?

Edward learned his craft by starting at a young age. Since he lived in a medium class family, he had enough money to go to good schools and work on his art. 4. To what special school, movement, or period did this artist belong? The movement that Edward belonged in was post– modern, because of his life frame. 5. What other art mediums did this artist use?

Edward also used watercolor, etchings,...
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