Edward Boehm

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1.0Case Summary1
2.0SWOT Analysisxx
3.0Problem Statementxx
4.0Alternative Strategiesxx
4.1Strategy 1: XXXXxx
4.2Strategy 2: XXXXxx
4.3Strategy 3: XXXXxx
5.0Evaluation of Alternative Strategiesx - xx
5.1XXXX Strategyx
5.1.1 Positive Outcomesx - xx
5.1.2 Negative Outcomesx
5.2XXXX Strategyx
5.2.1 Positive Outcomesx
5.2.2 Negative Outcomesxx
5.3XXXX Strategyxx
4.3.1Positive Outcomesxx
4.3.2Negative Outcomesxx
6.0Best Strategy and Justificationxx - xx
6.1Time Factorxx - xx
6.2Cost Factorxx - xx
6.3Complexity Factorxx - xx
6.4Feasibility Factorxx - xx
7.0Implementationxx - xx
7.1Short Termxx - xx
7.2Long Termxx - xx

1.0Case Summary
Edward Marshall Boehm was a farmer and also a nature lover staying nearby New York City. Inspired by his wife and his friends, he turned his interest of self-made clay animal sculptures into a small business by selling them to the art markets. He also managed to create porcelain clay which is equivalent to the world’s quality. Boehm mastered the complex art and technical works of porcelain making at his own efforts. At first, no one is familiar with Boehm’s creation. But Boehm continued with his own interests and works by creating porcelain what he knew and loved most, particular the delicate forms of animals or birds in its natural way. After several years of selling Boehm’s creations during her lunch hours, Helen (Boehm’s wife) decided to quit her career by fully support Boehm in marketing Boehm’s porcelains. Under Helen’s extraordinary marketing skills, Boehm’s porcelains begin drew interest from people. By 1968, some Boehm’s porcelains had become recognized as collectors’ items and able to sale at higher prices at retail. Boehm’s lines of porcelains were...
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