Edward Bernays: The Father of Public Relations

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  • Published : April 26, 2013
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Edward Bernays is often referred to as the father of public relations. Does he deserve this title?

This essay will consist what Edward Bernays and Ivy Lee had to offer to the world in regards to PR with historical reference. The essay will then come to a conclusion whether Bernays deserves the title Father of Public Relations. According to Stuart Ewan (1996) at the start of 1910’s Bernays was the most significant pioneer of American Public Relations. Even though his biography was not very popular, he was a vital part of the reason of the configuration of the present world. Bernays was born in Vienna 1891; according to Stuart Ewan (1996) Sigmund Freud was Bernays uncle. His family background astonished him and gave him a vast amount of power of information and concepts. According to James Sandrolini. 2007. [Online] Bernays and a journalist called Walter Lippmann helped Woodrow Wilson in 1917 to give the public a positive view about the war. They persuaded the president to go into war with Germany for WWI. Bernays came up with the slogan “make the world safe for Democracy”. America charismatically embraced this patriotic slogan. According to Stuart Ewan (1996) during the time Bernays worked for the Tobacco Company he made a group of women right marchers hold up “lucky strike cigarettes” in the city of New York as a representative act known as “torches of freedom”. According to Stuart Ewan’s (1996), Bernays work was useful and an inspiration to a man called Joseph Goebbels who was a disreputable Nazi propaganda minister. According to Michael Kaplan.2011. [Online] Bernays was very surprised to see that Joseph Goebbels has been using his techniques. Even though that was the case the situation did not spoil his techniques. He believe the work that he had done was “Proper – ganda and not improper- ganda” According to Kaplan.2011.[Online] Bernays changed many minds and opinions, he was able to increase the sales of bacon by getting doctors to approve that a...
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