Educator in a Pastoral Role

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SECTION 1 1.1 Tina is an adolescent. At 11 years old she has not yet developed, nor is she expected to have developed, a strong mental (or physical for that matter) capacity to process all negative and/or traumatic experiences that life has already thrown at her. She is at a very impressionable age.

There are various points to keep in mind with respect to her unique situation viz. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. She is very young and vulnerable being 11 years old Her father was not present in her life having walked out when she was 3 years old It is very possible her mother had a slew of relationships with other men whilst she was growing up Tina’s mother is not a rational individual. It is clear her mother’s frustration has boiled over and blaming Tina for her failed marriage Mother remarried bringing a new set of dynamics to her life. The mother is working hard at keeping her new marriage afloat and is clearly not supportive of Tina The step brother is quite old compared to Tina and Tina would look at him as a protective figure in her life No mention is made of the attitude of the step father towards tina so i am inclined to assume he has not abused either emotionally or physically and is of sound mind

From this summary it is evident Tina, at 11 years old, has endured severe and potentially lifelong trauma. Tina has grown up without a solid father figure in her life. A man/father-figure is seen as the solid rock or foundation of any family. Historically a man is seen as the provider. He ‘brings home the bacon’ if you will. He attends to any problems and is not only the provider but also the security footing of a family. In the 21 st century women are making huge inroads and the social landscape is changing with regards to a woman providing in equal measure to a family’s disposable income which takes away the pressure from a man to a certain extent. However, a man is still seen as the stronger figure, especially by children. Having not had a solid father figure for most of her life Tina would, in this writers view, have been ecstatic to have this figure in her life. Also having a step-brother would have been a blessing for her as she would have someone to turn to other than her parents if she was encountering any social pressures and needed any advice. In essence she should have 2 strong male figures in her life. Having enjoyed a brief positive trend in her life, she has made a drastic downward trend due to the brother’s inappropriate behaviour. Tina life graph

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Definition of trauma 1. A serious injury or shock to the body, as from violence or an accident. 2. An emotional wound or shock that creates substantial, lasting damage to the psychological development of a person, often leading to neurosis. 3. An event or situation that causes great distress and disruption.

The life graph tells the tale of the extreme trauma Tina has suffered emotionally. At a young age her mind is asked to process such extreme swings in emotional turmoil. An upward trend of the marriage is immediately followed by severe negative effect of abuse.

1.2 1.2.1 Role players of child abuse in this scenario   Tina mum Tina step brother

5 classic forms of child abuse      Emotional abuse Emotional neglect Physical abuse Physical neglect Sexual abuse

Tina mum Mum is supposed to be the nurturing, caring figure in Tina’s life. From the evidence provided she is anything but. She has meted out the following on Tina   emotional abuse emotional neglect

She has not offered any empathy or sympathy to her daughter. From the evidence provided she has meted out 3 of the 5 signs of emotional abuse. Emotional abuse      reject isolate terrorise ignore corrupt

Tina step brother After the marriage Tina would be looking forward to having a ‘brother’ for the first time in her life. She could have a sibling she could relate to on a certain level and seek advice, etc. He has only offered the following

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