Educational System

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The Fundamentals
The educational system has always been a topic to discuss. Whether for or against the argument, the educational system seems to be at the bottom of the nations priorities. Mainly the questions asked is where funding can come from, the participation needed, and the choices between educational systems. Since education is how a society must strive and expand in its knowledge and economy, the educational system for such should be at its forefront. Nevertheless, the educational system argument is one that seems to be overlooked and unnoticed. That is of course until now.

In the opposition, some would argue that the education system does not pose a problem, suggesting that funding does not need to come from government and that we should spend more funds into law enforcement and military protection. They would argue that education for these individuals, such as military and police academies, does not come from our education fund. The opposition would discard the idea of participation needed from parents and loved ones and the emotional need for one to grow in an educational institute. This includes all camps and safety patrol that ensures children’s education beyond the classroom and the safety of children who do commute on foot. The opposing side would argue that there is no difference between educational systems and that all standards are the same. There is no difference between graduating from prestigious schools like Whitney or Woodcreek high, and graduating from a continuation school like Adelante high. Of course this would have no affect that persons ability to find jobs and employment opportunities, or the fact that year after year our country finds employees from other countries to do our jobs since we are not educated enough to perform ourselves. Not at all.

Based off a study done by PBS, the total expenditures for education were about 7.5 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 1994-95. That means less than ten percent our our GDP...
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