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Educational Reform

By | March 2008
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The California educational system that is presently in place is one of the most challenged in the entire nation. The educational system of any state or country is a direct reflection of that region’s particular values, standards and priorities. In comparison to the educational systems in place in other parts of the world, especially in Asian and “Eastern” portions of the world, we see ourselves dragging behind in the curriculum itself and in our efforts to prioritize education. The Problem we are faced with did not occur overnight and likewise will not be corrected overnight. It is absolutely crucial that we instill a set of positive moral and educational values for the following generations to come.

Currently the educational system in California is ranked 49th in the entire nation. The number of students who actually graduate after four years of high school, is currently at a low 71 percent. The socioeconomic demographics play a significant factor in the overall success of a district, school, and most importantly the individual student. In the less financially stable regions of California, a disturbing pattern is found. The areas that are well to-do, are in fact where some of the highest ranking schools in the state are located. However at t the same rate the “low resource” regions reflect the lack of proper schooling, curriculum and sufficient funding. The average numbers of students in the Oakland school district who will take the SAT are only about 7 percent, and out of that percentage the average score is a 300 out of 800. On the other side of the spectrum in theSan Marino school district the average test scores were in the 600s and mostly 100percent of the students enrolled to take the SAT. Inner city urban schools have become “a factory for dropouts”. In California Alone the rate was a staggering 29 percent. The breakdown in ethnicgroups being asfollows: 75 percent of white students and, 81 percent of Asians graduated high school. Native Americans have...

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