Educational Purposes

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  • Published : July 16, 2011
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Name: Cherry Marie A. Budo Subject: Curriculum
Educational purposes are those actions directly promoting the educational, instructional, administrative, business, and support services mission of the school, and related to any instruction, projects, job, work assignment, task, or function for which the user is responsible (www.montgomeryschoolsmd.ory/departments/policy/blf/kbar). Educational purposes of the school should seek to attain:

1. To instruct students.
2. To improve their knowledge and capacity.
3. To motivate student to exert effort in facing life.
4. Helping students to gain more self-confident and self-esteem. 5. Give assistant to their students, so that the future of students will be sure. 6. Give knowledge and idea of what is the comparison of the situations that if they are at school and if they are in the outside of school. 7. To give formal education that students might be use in the future. 8. To facilitate activities to discover talents, skills, attitudes, behavior, interest, and abilities of the students for the school to know how to handle their students for the better. 9. To improve styles or techniques in teaching.

10. Lastly, the school seeks to attain the highest educational quality standard for their students and teachers.

Name: Cherry Marie A. BudoSubject: Educ. 5
All the progeny of GOD Father are intelligences endowed with a spirits body that serves as a means of enabling the intelligences to progress in the acquisition of knowledge and experience while living in the direct presence of our Heavenly Father. This spirits body is composed of a material so refined that the spirit body is an eternal body and incorruptible. It was necessary to acquire this body so that the intelligences that possessed it could exist in the presence of The Father and His Beloved Son and make progress in that sphere. There came a point in our life there that each of us could...